June 1, 2011

Patricia Rae

I love that my etsy shop fits me along with my blog it's so me and I love it...So as you can see I came back as Patricia Rae wanted to go with something new and improved!!! i'm having a sale 10% off until the end of the day code PRFAN1....

Hope you like what you see I take pride in making every piece I make, all new items are serged finished!!

my pretty little girl I got for my birthday :)
(crazy to see what my desk looks like when i'm hard at work haha, its spot less now as i'm doing ONE project at a time now lol)
my husband always gets after that me for that, i'm always doing seven things at once he's like can't you just do one things get it done and then go to the next thing (and it's with everything cleaning the house i'm cleaning the bathroom and kitchen at the same time lol) i'm slowing it down and going to see if that gives me less anxiety!!!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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