June 6, 2011

little mama bowtique

Me and my friend Mary have calibrated on a couple of items in our etsy shop, she started her etsy shop a couple of months ago. Since then she has been a crafty little critter making the cutest little pieces to add to your daughters hair accessory collection and her pieces are priced just right and perfect for all ages. I would love for you to stop by her facebook page as well and give her some love, she does giveaways often and who wouldn't love to win a bow or two from her, I would :)...

I'm so glad that we have gotten as close as we have over the past couple of months I actually met Katie (who made over my blog and etsy) through Mary they are sister in laws :). I can't wait to meet baby Lilly when she is born in august i'll be in wisco the week after with Chlo-bugs cannot wait. When we meet up we will be doing a photo shoot for a very special piece i'm working on that is truly my dream come true :). 

So please go and stop by her shop and facebook show the love and maybe buy a bow or two!!!

get your bows just in time for the fourth of july

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. Yay, you are going to take pictures of the new baby :) I wanna come too...you'll get to meet her before me...


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