June 3, 2011

Easter Dress~ tutorial

This Easter I made both of the girls Easter dresses, and I love how they turned out simple yet cute as can be...I will show you how to make Chloe's, she actually picked out the fabric and designed her dress all by her self (I just sewed it). Sora's dress is the same concept just on a onesie and I added little ruffle down the front from and old white shirt...

Easter dress Tutorial 

The girls on Easter with their cousin Seferina

We started out with a tank top we got from the dollar store and an old bed sheet that I've been slowly using up

you want to cut two pieces twice the width and twice the length 

now fold both pieces is half and sew each piece closed having two square looking pieces 

now what you want to do is bring the bottom up to the top making a bubble effect 

this is what is should look like once done

all the raw edges are at the top

here is what your two pieces will look like

now take your first piece putting it on right side facing your shirt, pin all the way around this is where most people ruffle the top then pin and sew I just kind of bunch where I want and it turns out the same 

once the first piece is sewed on go a head and do the second piece where ever you would like a little high a lot higher up to you!

showing you the bubble affect on the dress

I then took the piece off the shoulder because Chloe didn't want that she wanted something more and different 

we then grabbed another curtain this one was sheer and cut a bunch of circles, burned them, stacked them, sewed them on to the dress, added some buttons and pearls viola finished...

She loved that she designed her first dress, can't believe how big this little girl is getting..she always wants to sew and help out now, so I let her it's fun..it may take longer at a project but still fun working with my daughter!!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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