April 15, 2011

the little things that they will remember

When everyone found out that Erik and I were excepting our girls, Erik's grandma the girls GG set off to knit them blankets (picture will be posted of both of them later) she did this for all the grandchildren over the years. It's something the girls will always have and something they can always remember her by, she is one of the most amazing women I've ever gotten to know over the years she is like the grandma I never had. She is amazing,wonderful,caring and giving and I could never say anything bad about her she just has not one bad bone in her body, she always sees the good in people, even when times are rough. So which brings me to this post she had Chloe over a month or two ago for GG and Chloe time and they were playing with barbie's they had seen that one of the little ladies didn't have any clothes to wear. (And did I metion to say she is a crafty little one, she makes all sorts of goodies with I LOVE). So while Chloe was their she whipped up a little barbie outfit which will be just one more thing that she can cherish from her.

How cute is this little dress and hat I love it and so does Chloe she has played with her barbie's pretty much everyday since coming home, and always mentions that GG made her dress. 

Thank you GG for everything you have no idea how grateful we are for EVERYTHING that you do for us, means the world to us

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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