April 16, 2011

absent for good reasons

I'm going to try to get better at blogging more regularly but when your in school and have two kiddos it's pretty difficult at times to do anything else. But I will be getting more tutorials up within the next couple of days, and i'm in the works of getting patterns under way to start selling in my etsy shop which I just got some graphics done for, which I love. Katie who I will talk about more in another post does some pretty amazing work if you want to check my etsy shop out found HERE and take a look at what she can do. I plan to reopen my shop around May 10th my birthday and there will be patterns for sale plus I will still be making items but at the time beginning there will be no custom order just what you see for sale. I leave you with a picture of Chloe's easter dress that she designed 100% (and I put it together) she is really proud of it and so am I, and this will be the tutorial for tomorrow so stay tuned.

I love everything about this little girl, you and your sister are mommy and daddies world baby cakes mu-ah we love you so much

this has been our morning routine for awhile 

she has know how to spell her name since a week after she turned 4, now she can spell a bunch of words...we just want to give her the best head start for school as we can, she has never gone to daycare or anything. I think Erik and I are doing a pretty good job..Sora to she can count to ten and talks like a 4 year old, she is so smart for just 2.

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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