March 5, 2011

ruffle bag ~ tutorial Craft 5

So I made a bag for school last year for me but it was soo out of date this year and I knew I needed to make a new one.. and so I thought of something that was so me in my head and this is what I made hope you enjoy...

I grabbed and old curtain 
a strip of fabric
and some left over fabric

I took the strip of fabric and made a ruffle out of it and then cut up the curtain for the bottom of the bag so two rectangular pieces, and two rectangular pieces of left over fabric for the top

I then sewed sandwich the ruffle between the two piece of fabric and then sewed them together

 then I sewed on top for the finished looked and so it would stay more flat and it place

then on the other side there is no ruffle so I just sewed the two pieces together and sewed on the top again for the finished look...then I went and sewed up the bottom of the bag and sewed the corners opposite way to make the bottom look like an actual bag

next I folded the top over twice and sewed around, I then made straps and sewed them on and that is it you just made a super cute bag I get complements on it all the time...yah thats right I made it haha

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. I love it!! You're so crafty and talented and I think we must have the same taste in fabrics and prints because I totally covet every single one of them! :D


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