November 18, 2010

Walking in a toddler wonderland

Thank you so much crazy about my baybah , family and life in Las Vegas , and the life of a sippy cup mom for featuring me on your blog today..thank you again for letting me in on the fun :)

I'm so excited to be featured for the fun theme of walking in a toddler wonderland, as being a mom of a two little girls I love to share the fun things I can do with them. My girls and I love to craft together as you can see on my blog the many projects I've done with them, It's fun and I always promote everyone to go craft with their children not only is it quality time that they love getting into goodies they wouldn't normally be able to and to see your little girl or boy's happy over something so little it brings a smile to your face. So today i'm going to show you a craft for the holidays you can do with your children super simple and i'm sure you have all the supplies floating around the house some where... I know I did :o) 

Handmade Ornaments 

hole punch

Chloe and I worked on the templates while Sora had a melt down because, she spotted the glitter and mommy wouldn't give it to her.
she's ready 

not perfect for sure but that's okay, my girls didn't seem to mind at all

Now go have fun crafting with your kids, I know we had fun here..

Peace Love and Cupcakes


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  2. sending love from Walking in a Toddler WOnderland!


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