November 15, 2010

High waist skirt~tutorial

So I guess I lied about saying I would have this tutorial up yesterday but life gets crazy like always, and now that I just got my surgery done I have time, as I just need to sit here and take an easy. So I thought of making high waisted skirts awhile back (as in the woodland skirt), and I wanted to make one for me and the girls for thanksgiving. This shirt I was originally going to make it for Sora but me not measuring as usual it became Petal's new skirt hehe...I'm still going to make one for Sora in a few days when i'm feeling better but for now here is a tutorial on how I make high waisted skirts..

I like it on petal she looks cute, but I don't know how much of a mood she was in for pictures, thats why there not the greatest pictures but you get the jest :)

Heres Chloe's I also made a bow with the scraps of the old shirt, i'm still going to add something to the back or front what do you think about this on it

and here is miss Chloe's wearing her bow

I love her and her sissy

hope you enjoyed now go make a skirt for the holiday's 

Also if you make any of the tutorials that I have listed I would love to see pictures of them just send me an email..

Also I was thinking about a giveaway (something from my etsy shop), and/or having some one guest host for the first time :). Email me if your interested in hosting 

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. Hey, I'm stopping by on the Tuesday Train and am your latest follower!
    This is such a cute idea, and makes a very pretty shirt! Cute blog.

  2. I love this! Too cute.. oh and I gave you an award.. Stop by and claim it @

  3. super cute blog! New follower!

  4. Super cute skirts! I so wish i could sew. Maybe I'll make that my new years resolution. Following you form the follow me chickadee hop.

    Hope you can stop by my blog.

  5. Hmm probably need to be able to sew...but it's cute!

    Thanks for linking up at Tuesdays Gone on Life Music Laughter

  6. Hello!
    Just hopping by, I am a new follower. Great skirts, very imaginative x

  7. Very cute! I love using the cuff as the waistband.

  8. I started making little skirts (and other things) from old button-downs a while back, and have always loved how cute and tailored they look! I never thought to embellish them... great idea!


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