September 5, 2010


So we were told not to throw anything away right lol...Well as I was reorganizing my bedroom I found this at one time holding lace holder. So when I was look for something quick I could put my newly made tie bow plus mustache hairclip, this is how quick and easy I made a bow holder..

Grab two pins, push them in your wall, put your bow holder in place; add hairclips...Viola easy and out of the way for a new project

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. Hello!! I am your newest follower!! Those bow tie clips are so fun!! But I truly LOVE the mustache one...cracks me up!!!!
    I hope you can stop by and follow be back!!

  2. Hi! I love these clips specially the mustache! I will definitely try making one for my daughter!

  3. great way to display your clips - its even a cool blue color

  4. I have one of those in a tupperware in the dog's room. I've had it forever!!

    Great idea!!


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