August 9, 2010

lillies toes: a tutorial

here is a tutorial of how I made these cute little shoes and if you not a great sewer I can make them for you :)

this is what they look like when finished little toes peeking out

Updated here is the pattern for you this is size 6-12months but you could always go bigger or smaller :) hope you enjoy

the pattern for 6-12 months

cut your piece mine were already together but there is four pieces of each

I sewed each top piece together around the curve trying to show you here :)

after that you are going to take the same pieces and place the end pieces together ( which will be the heel part) and sew across to make the top part of the shoe

They will look like this

before sewing the soles on, I took the top and sewed a slip stitch were the little toes go to make one complete shoe (if this doesn't make sense ask me i'll put up more pictures if you need or anything :) )

 After that sew the top of the shoe on to the bottom on the inside fabric like soo..

 place the last piece of the shoe the outersole on top right side in so the outside looks like so sorry super blurry, so sew around leaving a gap to flip right side out

like so and then after you flip right side out sew by hand a slip stitch close and there you go cute lil shoes for any little girl in your life

Go paint those little toes

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  1. Oh how cute!! I want to see some little bitty toes peeking out:)
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  2. these are too cute, the title in your link caught my eye because my daughter's name is lillie too! same spelling! thanks!~DD

  3. thanks girls it's funny cuz I don't know anyone with that name I just like it :), and i'll be stopping by Staci thanks a bunch..

  4. I found your site from Crystal's craft spot. These are so cute. I can't wait to try them.

  5. if you need a better picture of the pattern let me know i'll get one up :)

  6. Absolutely adorable! I have a "niece" coming into the world soon so I may just use this to make the little cutie some shoes :D

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  7. SOO CUTE! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love the shoes. I'm wondering how you came up with the pattern to start with? I want to make some.

  9. I'll upload a pattern for you so you can make your own i'll have it up either later tonight or in the morning thanks so much for letting me know :)


  10. okay my bad I didn't see that you said how did I come up with the pattern, well I kind of take inspiration from my own shoes I were open toed shoes and pointed shoes and said hey why can't a baby to and literally that how I came up with my shoes lol lame I know but I have some more designs I have drawn up to I think i'll make a tutorial out of them as well...


  11. These shoes are such a cute idea. I've made some little booties before but never tried them like this. What a great idea!


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