August 11, 2010

Chloe's Slippers: the tutorial

Well i'm going to give you the tutorial anyways i'll be selling them on facebook here my paypal is almost 100% done prolly by the end of the day you could go and buy anything on my patricia rae designs facebook and i'm excited so go check it out...

On to the tutorial

cut your pieces out these are size kids 10 for my Chlo-bugs

place the two top pieces right side together

pin together and sew

turn right side out and iron flat

next pin the top on to the inside fabric sole (lining) the reversible all of my shoes I make are. you want the ends of the top to hang off you can see in the picture.

sew cut off extra should look like so

place top sole on top of the shoes pin leave space to flip

sew flip right side out

should look like this

pin into a oval shape

I keep calling this a slip stitch I have no idea if that right but sew it close so you can't see the thread

Viola you just made some cute cute shoes now go put them on your little girl and enjoy 

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! You have some cute little tutorials here...I have never tried to make baby shoes but I just might have to! Thanks again!

  2. those are amazing.. Great idea.. I wish I could sew.. Have a great day. I am hosting a party also if you want to stop by and share..

  3. I will for sure to stop by Amy thank you for letting me know I wish I could have a sewing party all my friends want to learn how to sew :( its not as hard as you think :)


  4. Ahhhh! Those are darling! I wish I could make some of these for my daughter but she's still really young and I don't think she'd keep them on. They look easy to make though. Great tutorial.

  5. Those are so cute! I love the pointy toe, makes you half way expect them to be stilettos! fun look :) Thanks for leaving me a link!
    happy crafting!

  6. so cute! they look like little elf shoes with the pointy toes. i love your colours too!


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