March 25, 2010


Last night I was cleaning my sewing area cuz it looks like a bomb went off and I hate having my ribbon every where and Chloe likes to take it and the next thing you know its every where :) love her. I found the bottom of a shoes boxes where I actually put all my little pieces of fabric 

this is what I used a hot glue gun works better and that is actually what I used in further steps

so what I did what just wrap it like your wrapping a present

then it will look like this oh yes cupcakes is my obsession 

then this is where I took the hot glue gun and glued the pencil to the board and to insure that is would hold the ribbon I took an empty ribbon holder hot glued the back of that and put it through the pencil and stuck it to the board and then your done Viola

it looks weird but like I said I like to work with things I have lying around the house :)
Peace love and cupcakes :) Amanda

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